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At Onira Research, we dedicate our days to researching sleep ... and we spend our nights dreaming of improving the patient’s quality of life.
Sleep is an extraordinary process, in which we have a lot to learn to develop new diagnostic and therapeutic solutions.


Onira Research first product

Hiparco was born from the project, HIPARCO-Score, started in 2012 at the University of Chicago. The researchers Dr. Manuel Sánchez and Dr. Ferrán Barbé, experts and international references in sleep research, found a match associating the sleep apnea treatments with patients affected by Resistant Hypertension

Their research allows the development of a patented in-vitro diagnostic kit that determines if a patient with Resistant Hypertension could be treated using a CPAP (Continuous Positive Air Pressure) device, originally indicated for the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea.

ONIRA has determined that, in around 70% of these patients, the application of this treatment lowers their blood pressure and they manage to stabilize and get out of the danger zone.

HIPARCO allows us to discriminate which patients can specifically benefit from this treatment, which could otherwise be counterproductive. It is a diagnostic technology that revolutionizes the treatment of one of the most afflicting disease worldwide.


1,3 billion hypertensive people in the world in 2018

+ 1.5B in 2025 and growing due to current lifestyle conditions


8 million deaths per year

Related to hypertension, according to WHO studies and data


130M people who do not improve with drugs

Medically known as Resistant Hypertensive

Hypertension in the world

Hypertension is a disease currently treated by drugs that allow the blood pressure of affected patients to be lowered. However, approximately 10% of all those affected do not respond to any medication.

Today there is no way to treat them, to lower their blood pressure. Doctors from all over the world and different specialties (nephrologists, internists, cardiologists) are trying drug after drug, without success.

These patients are considered Hypertensive Resistant..

According to data from the W.H.O. after 1 to 3 years without effective treatment, these 130M people will have a serious cardiological episode, including risk of death.


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Leer artículo Journal of the American College of Cardiology
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Leer artículo The Journal of the American Medical Association

Our tech,
in detail.

Hiparco, our in-vitro diagnostic test, predicts whether patients with resistant hypertension will be able to lower their blood pressure using positive air pressure (CPAP) treatment.

• Positive response with an average of 11 mmHg in blood pressure.

Higher than most hypotensive drugs!

• High reliability of results (AUC 0.92)

• Detailed results in a quantitative way (after software process)

Our technology is based on microRNAs profiles of expression from peripheral blood samples and its application in a software system that provides a score after passing through our algorithm (Hiparco-Score).

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